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well since friday my life has been mainly hectic though it calmed down some around saturday, but not completly.

Friday at work I had to clean the entire back shop till it pleased my boss because we were having a church group coming in saturday morning to see a window we were making for them. After I finished that I went right to work on one of the biggest church windows Charles has done, and let me tell it is nnnniiiiicccceeee. He put in a Bevel circle around the top. The circle was spilt in the middle because the window was to big to be in one piece. Even though the window is big, beautiful, and intimdating in a good way. I'm hoping Charles takes when they install so I can see what it fully looks like and learn some more in carpentry.(This job has really helped with my carpetner skills) Well I had to stay in real late to finish packing a the front side of the window. Though that did put a nice increase in my paycheck.

Well Saturday I had to go in early to finish the other side in the window becuase I had to get done before 9 a.m. and when my family got from FL. Well I got up bout 6ish went though my morning chores slowly and made myself french toast with some blueberry crumble bread(it was WONDEFUL) then got to worj bout 7:19 to find out they didn't flip the window for me to pack it, and you can't flip over a window that big alone. So I did work till bout 10 but not for the reasons I wanted to. The second I got home I started cleaning my house for family got a shower and took a nap.(I had been on my feet all Sat. mornong and all friday with very little sleep I was exhausted.) so family showed up. Two of my friends came of and we all went to the hotel room my aunt and two cousins were renting and went swimming on of my friends stayed the night. We just talked and so on.

Today was slow. I just finished a book, went swimming, had family time, and put together a grill for our BBQ that was good. My brother left with since he is spending the summer in FL with family.

Current Location: on my sore butt
Current Music: Gundam Seed music

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Well, School Finals are completel and I've been out since Thursday. Overall I just went to my friends graduation party Thursday and have been working all day friday and saturday. Which is what I'm seeing myself doing for the summer. Up at 6:30 A.M. work at 7 or 8 get off at 5 and do whatever. I might do something on the sundays I get off.

Well right now I'm content on the French Toast I just cooked up and ate. mmmmmm frenchtoast.*contemplating on making more*

Current Location: on my but not sleeping
Current Mood: content life can be simple
Current Music: none

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It's been a few days. Well, over the weekend I went to my bosses cabin and cleaned up his yard and he tearted me to a Haggler's bugger. Which are my fav burgers to eat. I also got to wash it down with their delicous sweet tea. I got a good work out to form cleaning up his large yard(it's kinda like a construction zone really. Lots of metal etc.)

Sunday I went to a friends and just watched some movies.

Today was pretty good cause my boss has given me permission to use his pool whenever feel like. So I'm taking advantage of it and going swimming on a daily baises now. I LOVE SWIMMING! and it's been to long really. So today a probably spent an hour swimming/excersising. I muscles feel great form the exercise since I haven;t used them like that in awhile.

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Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: whatever my brother is playing

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Find your Celestial Choir

We;; today was a great day. I went to a party at global studies today for the end of year. It rocked. I had chicken wings, pizza, apple crisp, this icecream sandwhich desert, cupcakes, and chips and dip. WE also spen alot of the time playing Soul Calibur 3 or DDR. Global studies is addicted to DDR. Every time we have a party we play it. Sine Theresa owns thegame she beats almost everyone, but we all have a good time.
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Well today was a good day. I dueled jonahtan and though I still can't win a match against the sudden changees in my deck allow me to normally win once a match. JROTC was fun to. After we got done reviewing for a test me and my friends went out to these gigantic cushins for track team. The girls of course sat down on one while me and my friends went about jumping, flipping, and spinning at different legnths and heigths onto the others. After awhile we ended up tackleing each other and body slamming who we could while trying to peg each other with a dodge ball. Needless to say their were plenty of laughs. (I got the first sargent really good)
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Well, the last couple of days for me have been the usual. The puppy is adapting nicely to his new way of life and I'm having a blast trying to potty train the little guy. During Mother's day weekend I took my mom out to eat to an all you can eat chinese buffet. We also went to a dinner at a friends hose and I pigged out their. I feel horribly after all the eating cause I'm sure I just ruined a few weeks worth of dieting.

Today was a boring day at school as usual. I spent a majority of the mornign Dueling my friend Jonathan and got my but wooped as usual. Though I did learn somenew tricks and I'm currently tweaking my deck to hopefully beat him down tomorrow(unlikly).
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Hey everyone!
Well today was different to say the least. I got couple awards during a school asembly and spent the last block with my friends at a student vs. faculty softball game. Which equaled a slight sun burn for me.

After work though I got travel the underworkings of my trailer. One of our puupies had gotten tied up in some wires and I had to climb under the trialer to get to it. (under the trailer is small space with pipes and so on. I'm a large person.) Just as cut the rope free it went into a seizure. The puppy survived but my mom thinks it might have some mental damaga form being tied up to long. Right now it's just laying on some jeans in my room resting.
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Hey guys!

Remember yesterday I mentioned how people think I want to go out with mt find Hayley? Well, I most say it got offically annoying today. I understand it does look like were flirting, but I'm just playing around. I can't give a defense for why I don't want for reasons. I wish people would leave it alone cause some of what their saying is bringing up unwanted memories.
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Well today was another day for me with many ups and downs.

School went as usual. I read the entire "Circle of Magic: Sandry's Book" and found out that alot of people think I want to date my friend Hayley. Which I don't, butat a small school rumors like to fly and my social life their tends to move up and down alot. Sure it does seem like flirting but I just like some-one who I can have cheery/funny chats with and tickling. Sure that sounds like future gf but my eyes are on some-one else.

At work we had to pack up Charle's(my boss) trailer for a show he's going to tomorrow. Since I was a bit sluggish I went got my an energy drink. Well form past experiences I should have expected to instantly hyper due to my caffeine hiatas. To the say the last the physical extertian I got form work was what I needed(but didn't stop me form doing pull upsXD)

After work I stayed at the shop so I could learn how to foil glass. I'm working on a project for some-one so I spending extra time afterwork so I can make a complete suncatcher for them by hand.

After work I can home and had a great surpise. I realized how much my Kitten Gillead has changed in the week we got him. When we got him he was the runt of the litter and we got Socks to, his brother also. Socks was soft, pretty, and loved attention. Gillead had patchy fur, shy, and was to skinny. Now his coat is full and loves to play and interact. He's learned that mewing at me will get him fed or attention.His coat isn't plush as sock's but I still love all the same. I'm so happy!

Well, right now I'm working on my page and talking with friends. So see you guys!
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